What Makes a Great About Us?

The About Us. Should you have one? Spoiler: YES! But what do you include to make your About Us something special?

An about us is the perfect place to tell your customer or client who you are (and what makes you unique to your competitors). It also helps search engines, like Google, position what you do.

What makes a great about us as opposed to a good tick-box one? This is a common question brands ask. Often, it’s followed by us asking lots of questions about the brand and what they do.

Specifically, why do you do what you do? What was the thought that made you decide to invest in yourself as a brand or business? What inspires you to do what you do? What was missing that you thought you had to offer and hopefully, what do you now enjoy getting to offer?

Your emotional connection is one of the key parts of your brand story.

It’s the root of everything

When we met with Queer Coffee Co, they told us how they were looking for queer-owned businesses to support when buying everyday products. As it was 2020, they were also thinking heavily about ways to support LGBTQ+ charities and causes. Voila, they decided to sell their own coffee products and donate 20% of profits back to the LGBTQ+ community.

We told them, that’s your about us. That’s your why – and it is a great why. Not in the least because it immediately allows customers to connect with Queer Coffee Co’s vision and story on an emotional level.

It’s your passions and values combined

What was Twain’s why?

We’d spent years working in-house for marketing teams at companies and agencies, covering a span of different sectors, but always coming back to the same key principles. Capture your story and showcase it well to whoever needs to hear it. Simple in theory, trickier in practice.

We’re proud of those experiences and what we have managed to do. Helping brands grow and better connect with clients, customers and their employees. But we kept having chats about purpose. About our values. About our experiences.

We’re LGBTQ+ and disabled, respectively. We care about supporting businesses and people who were working to make things better for our communities, and those who face marginalisation.

And we were proud of who we were. But we couldn’t find an existing digital content brand who led with who they are. Whose values and objectives went hand-in-hand – just like our specialisms of copywriting and design. So, like our clients – and friends – at Queer Coffee Co, we created our own.

More than just digital marketing and brand development, we wanted a space to flourish LGBTQ+ and disabled creativity. A space where we could work with clients to help businesses boom but also to make an impact in our diverse and inclusive communities. While always coming back to purpose and values.

When we set up our own brand, we wanted to work with clients who are proud of who they are. We wanted to work with clients who cared about making a difference wherever they could and who were always thinking about purpose.

That’s our emotional connection to what we do and why we’re doing it.

How about your authentic you?

What’s your why? It’s the piece of the puzzle that can’t be replicated by anyone else. It’s your unique selling point combined with who you are and what you care about. Whether you realise it or not, your personal experiences impact everything you do as a brand, just as your audiences’ personal experiences impact how they connect to your products and services.  

Did you know that authenticity is a key marketing trend? Audiences don’t just want a perfect slate of edited content but are more in favour of something real and true to you. Authenticity is the key to emotional connection. Today, your followers (and future customers and clients) want to see more about the you behind the brand. They reject the generic, bland statements that belong on dull CVs. They want to see the personality. Even if it’s a bit messy or a bit too real.

They want to see your why – and an about us is a great exercise in identifying and drawing out that why which should then inform all your brand content. To create and nurture an emotional connection between the people that matter to your brand and what matters to you in growing your business.

Not sure how to get your authentic why down in a way that showcases your value? Get in touch.

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